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I had a line in one of my movies–everyone knows the same truth. Our lives consist of how we choose to distort it. One person will distort it with a kind of wishful thinking like religion, someone else will distort it by thinking political solutions are going to do something, someone else will think a life of sensuality is going to do it, someone else will think art transcends. Art for me has always been the catholicism of the intellectuals. There is no afterlife for the catholics really, and there’s no afterlife for the arts. Your painting lived on after you–well, that doesn’t really do it. That’s not what you want. Even if your painting does have some longevity, eventually that’s going to go. There won’t be any works of william shakespeare or ludwig van beethoven, or any theatre to see them in, or air or light.Business brokers indiana

I’ve always felt you’ve got to live your life within the context of this worst-case scenario. Which is true; the worst-case scenario is here.

[on ingmar bergman] he and I had dinner in his new york hotel suite; it was a great treat for me. I was nervous and really didn’t want to go. But he was not at all what you might expect: the formidable, dark, brooding genius. He was a regular guy. He commiserated with me about low box-office grosses and women and having to put up with studios. The world saw him as a genius, and he was worrying about the weekend grosses. Yet he was plain and colloquial in speech, not full of profound pronunciamentos about life. Sven nykvist told me that when they were doing all those scenes about death and dying, they’d be cracking jokes and gossiping about the actors’ sex lives.Business brokers indiana I liked his attitude that a film is not an event you make a big deal out of. He felt filmmaking was just a group of people working. I copied some of that from him. At times he made two and three films in a year. He worked very fast; he’d shoot seven or eight pages of script at a time. They didn’t have the money to do anything else. I think his films have eternal relevance, because they deal with the difficulty of personal relationships and lack of communication between people and religious aspirations and mortality, existential themes that will be relevant a thousand years from now. When many of the things that are successful and trendy today will have been long relegated to musty-looking antiques, his stuff will still be great.

When I made stardust memories (1980), it was my own personal favorite film that I had made [up to] that time.Business brokers indiana it was the first film I had made that I really got rapped on because people–and this may have been my lack of skill, I don’t know–felt that what I was saying in the film was that my audience are fools for liking me, that I was demeaning the audience, when that’s not what I was doing. I’d never felt that way about the audience, and if I did feel that way I would have been too smart to put it in a movie or anything like that, it was just the furthest thing from my mind – it would not have occurred to me. But through my lack of skill, I managed to convey that other thought and not my intended thought to the audience. The business about I like your early, funny movies was just one of the things that occurred to me that I used–it didn’t have extra meaning or particular personal meaning, it was just something that occurred to me that I thought was amusing, but no more amusing than the other things that people were asking for and so I used it and it rang a bell with people.Business brokers indiana they thought the character was me, that I was that character, that I didn’t like making comedies, that I thought they were foolish for liking the comedies, but of course none of this had even occurred to me–I feel fine with my early, funny movies: bananas (1971) and take the money and run (1969)–they were fun to make.