Your mortgage appointment _ Barclays housing benefit gov

Your mortgage appointment _ Barclays housing benefit gov

John, from barclays mortgages, standing in a barclays branch: so your mortgage application is being submitted by your adviser. That’s great! Applying for a mortgage with barclays is really quite straightforward.

Visual – A quick animation of the process: an application form appears, followed by a man with a speech bubble, a desktop PC and a mobile phone, a tablet featuring the track it log in page and then the web address www.Barclays.Co.Uk/trackit

After we have received your application, you’ll be sent your 10 digit mortgage application number, by email or text. Then all you need to do is enter that number and your current post code into our track it facility at barclays.Co.Uk/trackit.

The first step is for one of our mortgage underwriters to check your application.

Once approved, they will instruct the valuation on your property to go ahead.Housing benefit gov the valuation is for barclays to get an independent view of what the property is worth in the current housing market.

Todd: at the same time, and if your application is to purchase a property, your solicitor will be checking that there isn’t anything wrong with your new home, or the land it is built on, from a legal perspective. They do this by carrying out legal searches relating to the property, things like local authority searches and planning permission checks.

John: whilst all this is happening, if you have applied for any life or life and critical illness cover, make sure you respond to any requests from the insurer for documents or information as soon as possible.

John: if you are applying for a further advance, you simply need to sign, date and return the mortgage offer in the supplied envelope and send it to us.Housing benefit gov but only do this if you want the funds released.

Visual – A quick animation of a house with ‘mortgage offer’ text below, followed by a solicitor waving and then a mortgage deed document. A solicitor and customer sit at a desk and discuss fixtures and fittings.

Unless you’re simply applying for further funds, once you’ve received your mortgage offer your solicitor will ask you to sign the mortgage deed. At the same time if you are purchasing a property they’ll chat to you about any fixtures and fittings that can be left in the property or bought from the seller.

Visual – an animation showing a sold sign, followed by a laptop showing funds being transferred electronically, a solicitor sitting at a desk, the title deeds document and finally a house complete with keys and couple holding hands.

The day of completion is when your solicitor sends the funds to the seller and the ownership of the property transfers to you.Housing benefit gov this is a very exciting day when you get to collect the keys to your new home and start moving in.

Michaela: you can look up your balance and any transactions you’ve made, and check your mortgage rate along with its remaining term. If you want, you can also set up regular overpayments or make one-off reductions on your mortgage.

Visual – an animation of a man waving saying with ‘try the cloud it service’ in a speech bubble. This is replaced by a customer sitting at a desk with documents going to and coming from the cloud next to them.

Todd: so is that it? Almost, but not quite! Don’t forget that when your existing mortgage deal comes to an end, you can easily switch to another one of our mortgage products. It’s simple – if you don’t want any advice you can do this using our online rate switch facility, if you’re comfortable doing so.Housing benefit gov or if you would like some advice, you can speak to one of our mortgage advisers or to an independent mortgage broker.